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Was there an update or something? Cause everytime I launch it the game just instantly crashes?

No, no updates, the files are the same as they were in the release. Have you tried redownloading it? If there are files missing for some reason (or it fails to load them), it will print an error to the console, but there will be no error messages or anything.

Just had the same issue. Downloaded, tried to play, and it instantly says "game.exe has stopped working." Even tried downloading from GameJolt and it still did that. I was rather looking forward to playing it, too.

@Skydjinn That's weird, the game works fine on my Windows PCs (and the Linux ones, too). Which version of Windows are you using (and is it 32 or 64-bit)? Also, have you tried different compatibility modes, like XP or older?

Windows 7, 64-bit. I've never had this issue with any other game, so it's really strange.