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Nice, man!  Character design is cute and the animation is really good.  I can tell you put a lot of time into this, and the results are impressive.

I know you're done working on this but I'm gonna tell you my idea anyway.  This would have greatly enhanced the game's replay value:  At the end there could be a "continue / next day" option which skips the customization screen and starts the game again with the same appearance options selected - but this time Abby's behavior is slightly different; more seductive.  Now she knows the ghost is there, she is sneaking into the classroom deliberately for sexytimes.  She stands at the desk and waits for ghostly phenomena to commence.  If you don't poke her for a while, then she starts wandering around the room, looking for you and striking lewd poses to get your attention.

Yeah I know the amount of work to make that would be almost as much as making the original game, but you can't deny it would be hot!  Maybe file that idea away for later...

I really love that idea :) It would be a huge amount of work but if I had set that as my goal to begin with, the game would have been stronger overall for sure.

I'm happy you enjoyed the game anyway and I appreciate your comment :)

No problem dude, it's a really good lil' game just as it is.  Top notch quality; it's amazing that this was made by one person.  I will be looking for your next project for sure .. might have to check out your Patreon if I get to itchin' for progress updates ..