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the maps wont load i cant get past lvl 5 

thx. yeah, the game have some bugs, but if you reload the page the problem is solved 

how do i reload the page? the closest thing i can do is close the window because it freezes on a white screen but it still wont load the map after i open it back up

Mmmh, that IS strange.

Well, you might try two things : Try loading the page with incognito mode, or try reloading using CTRL+SHIFT+F5

Sorry for being unable to fix the problem right now, and, thanks for your patience.

Alternatively you can try the newgrounds version, but it doesn't have fullscreen, and it might have the same issue.

I updated the downloadable versions, try those, they should work with no problem

ctr shift f5 didnt work and i cant go into incognito mode as i downloaded it and its still not working. also sorry if i bother u too much with these comments i just like this game and wanna play more of it than i already can.

Hola de nuevo, sorry for the radio silence, your comments are no bother at all : D.

We just made an update, you can try this version. Although , I'm not sure if it will work since I am unsure of what issue might be producing the bug affecting you.