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Thanks for the nice words and the feedback. I'm happy to get your input and it's great to hear that you're loving it :D

Deck Builder hover

I actually thought about that too. I started redoing the tooltip for followers on the board so you can see the actual card, and did some research on other card games and experimented a bit, and turns out it is a lot more useful if the card does not cover the cursor area but rather appears to the side. So I added that and voila - massive improvement. I'm probably going to straight up add that to all the card tooltips.

Deck Builder remove / add

Yeah. I've noticed this isn't ideal. It's something I can clearly see whenever someone is streaming the game. I'll have to see what I can do to improve this. 

Difficulty & Resources

As Inxie mentioned - this is really player dependent. I think the game needs a better difficulty curve in general - easier in the beginning and a good ramp up. At the moment the enemies just aren't balanced as well as I'd like. And the resources are another thing. I want the game to be hard, so there will always be a degree of randomness to your food stores but the general economy needs some work..

There is also the idea - which is on the "nice to have" list - to add a selectable difficulty. That would probably influence enemy strength and resource gain to be somewhat acceptable to balance.

Enter Combat Crash

I really need to look at this. The key issue with bugs like that is reproducing them. As soon as I can create it on my machine I can look at what's broken. Alternatively a log file is always helpful, so if you run into the issue again, please do report a bug with the log file. Note that you'll have to do that immediately after closing the game. Opening it again will overwrite the log file.


The quick answer: Tablets are very very likely but will take a while. Phones are not going to happen unless this thing blows up so massively that it's worth to invest the time and energy to completely redo the interface to work on a smaller screen.

Also here's a quick Twitter thread on the topic:

1.Would also love to play this on android.  

2.At first I thought the difficulty was a bit harsh due to lack of food.  However, once I figured out that killing beast enemies drops a considerable amount of food I was fine.  I feel like currently the balance of food is just right in that it evokes that desperate sense of needing to survive early on and also makes having an ample supply that much more satisfying once you get there.

For those that struggle with food.  1. Try to take low cost routes early.  2. Take every battle you can early.  If you run into a beast-type enemy try to defeat them instead of letting them flee whenever possible.  Completely defeating them results in a large drop of food.  3. Get to a store as soon as possible and spend all of your batteries on food.  Once you are over ~70 food things should be smooth sailing from there.   Usually if you can do 2 of the above 3 things you should be set early game.