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I'd like an option to decrease the time required to hover over a card before the large version pops up. It feels very slow right now. This MAY be because I am playing on an old Mac mini / potato, but everything else feels so smooth, I don't think that's the case.
It is currently set to 0.75 seconds but will be reduced to 0.5 seconds in the next major update. I am also considering shifting the display of the card away from the pointer.

I'd rather the tooltip never showed up when you are hovering above a card, I would much rather use the right mouse button to bring up the tooltip / big version.   

Really I basically never want the bigger version.  I already know what the cards and abilities do, and I can read them all fine on the smaller version.  Its easier to select and deselect cards when a tooltip isn't in the way.

I could get behind that. I was playing in a 1/4 window on a 1440p monitor, and even at that size, everything was easy to read (that surprised me, actually). I didn't really need the larger size, but the long delay (which is already being changed) made the interface feel laggy. But I'd be perfectly happy with an alternative like you are suggesting.

Yeah, it's funny how much a tiny thing like a tooltip can actually affect the experience.