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The most obvious ones are probably some simple "gain keyword X" cards. These would need to be valuable enough to see play though, and there's already criticism for the existing Gain Taunt cards.

I like the idea of cards that give abilities.  The criticism for the Gain Taunt cards, is there, because Taunt is pretty much unimportant in the game right now.

Taunt is not really working to "protect" your low HP cards.  The Taunt follower with its large HP pool is supposed to protect your other low HP followers that have lots of attack strength or special abilities.

But the problem is threefold: 

  1. The enemy decks have tons of small direct damage cards.  They don't need to kill your Taunt follower to get to the 6/2 follower, they just murder your 6/2 follower with a simple direct damage card.
  2. The other followers you have, don't have abilities that make them especially important to have on the board.  (There are things like First Strike, that you would want to protect, but you rarely even have these cards)
  3. I never lose board control.  Well, almost never.   When I end my turn, the enemy followers are always dead or pose no threat, and I have followers on the board.  So why would I need Taunt, when followers won't be attacking next turn.  There are not many units that can attack on the turn they get into play.

Playing cards like Berserker and a Taunt card to keep the enemy followers away, is not a viable strategy.   Followers with 2 HP still have a very low chance of survival.

Followers with 1 HP  - Extremely iffy survival

Followers with 2 HP - Small chance of survival.     There are still 5 different cards in enemy decks that do 2 damage.  (if not more)

Followers with 3 HP - Decent chance of survival.    3 HP is ideal right now.   Yes, they can still get removed by some of the bigger damage cards, but enemies will have to pay the price.   Bigger removal cards cost a good amount of momentum, and you will feel perfectly happy when an enemy uses a Rend card, just to remove your 2/3 Initiate follower.

I just found a new Rare follower, that i have never seen before!   Here it is:

As the game is right now, I would not play this card.

  1. It gives Taunt, which I don't need.  
  2. It has only 2 HP     (survival chance of a 4 momentum drop is important)

So basically I will be putting this follower into the T3 group in my Cards and Strategies thread.

Edit: My evaluation my be wrong if you get tons of cards later that combo with Taunt cards, then Taunt may act a bit like Armor, setting up combos.  (Armor also has some synergistic cards)