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So regarding the disasters that you said you may add at a later date, how might they work is time is sped up? I understand that when time is sped up, things become less realistic, and that is especially true for events that occur on a short timescale (<1 year.)

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I haven't though to much about it yet. But, depending on the scale of the disaster it could very easy to simulate. "Small" scale disasters that could happen frequently, like riots or fires, can be handled very much like I handle typical events, just a quick update of stats on a single cell without even notifying the player unless they are observing the affected tribe. Large scale disasters like volcanoes or tsunamis that would affect multiple cells would be more rare, so I could afford to simulate them more carefully and slow the simulation for a bit while they occur. I highly doubt players will complain if the game slows down to show them a huge event happening :)