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_"People are the most dangerous things, must stay away at all cost" *talking in a traumatized way*

_Love the art type

_You should put a barrier in the back or do something with it in case of a curious player like me:Đ, and also when I fall down I can't die so I keep falling, have to turn off and start the game again.

_The first level is quiet but when you die it like a slap in the face to wake you up, it really gives me a heart attack (not literally) so maybe considering doing something about it. 

_The world boss really gets me there can't stop laughing but is that it or am I missing out on something? Because I can't do anything to the boss. Also, the projectiles fly too fast and there a gap that the projectiles can't hit you (try to keep it spoiler-free)

Overall the game is really fun, and horrifying as well. Keep it up😁👍