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It was awesome! After playing this I am super excited for the full release, even more than I was before. It just felt incredible to play, and I loved every second of it! I even played it a second time just to go back and break all the boxes, and I loved it!

I found that you are able to open your inventory on the endscreen, but that's really it when it comes to bugs/overlooked details. It was super exciting to meet Taff, and I can't wait to meet Eo too. The puzzles were fun, I loved the padlock/number puzzle one, and I enjoy the slight randomization of loot and stuff, and can definetly see myself playing the full game multiple times, and I might even play this demo a few more times, to see all the dialogue. Exploring this world is super fun, and looking in all the different rooms, and finding notes, and stuff like that is so fun.