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Hey TheCaliMack, wow thank you so much for doing a Let'sPlay of LMA. Is this going to be on Youtube and if so I'd love it if you could post the link to your channel/video in your next reply.

The demo is part of the main story yes, it's actually a decent chunk of the 1st 20% of the entire game I'd say.

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Hey there @soulsoftea! Yes, I'll be playing this on my channel. It's running pretty good so far. I just wish Youtube will let me monetize this properly (ugh). When I get a copy of the full game, I'll do a proper full playthrough of it. :)

My channel is for BL and Gay Let's Plays

Here's a link to the video: 

Hey CaliMack,

I got around to finally watching your playthrough and I loved the salacious and manic commentary! lol. It's great to see you get a kick out of the game. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment as that's where it really starts to pick up.


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Hey there soulsoftea! Glad you liked the first episode.
I just wanted to ask real quick: is there a particular difference between the DEMO and the main game? Or is it just part of the first segment that gets cut off real quick? I'd like to know if I could continue the series for when I ever download it. :)

Plus, do you have an email or twitter? I'd like to message you privately about a few things.

The Demo is the first 15-20% of the game I believe. You get enough to preview the horror of the game and a puzzle. If you decide to buy the game, you'll need to start from the beginning, as saves from the demo are not compatible with the full version.

Yes please, if you need to contact me hit me up here:

Hope to hear from you soon! And happy belated thanksgiving! =D

I feel so bad that I only got to finish the demo now, but here it is. Also, you have a jumpscare little glitch at the end of the demo presentation.
Just watch the video ;)