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My ideas got shot down!   :D     

Abilities are hard to balance.

This requires putting that number somewhere easily visible on the follower - which I'd rather not do

I think it would look nice in the space between the Attack and HP.   Would make the attack-regen-hp look like a multicolored pill at the bottom of your follower  :D   But I can understand not wanting to change the game like that.

That would weaken the ability tremendously, I think probably make it useless? But it is an option.

Well you wouldn't have a momentum cost anymore.  Its a totally different kind of ability.  Your regen follower would no longer sit at 1HP endlessly.  An auto-healing ability is pretty favorable in my view.  I am pretty sure this auto-healing requiring 0 momentum, is stronger than 2 momentum cost on the regen that you have now.

I'm thinking an easy attempt at fixing it is raising the cost to a flat 2 Momentum. I'll give that a try.

As it is right now, to be relatively sure that it won't die, I leave 1 momentum unspent, per turn. (the enemy has still cleared my follower once or twice by using two damage cards)  Its the downside of regen, otherwise I can be pretty sure the enemy will clear my 1HP follower.   But leaving 2 Momentum unspent?  Just to make sure that my regen follower will survive 1 possible hit?  I doubt that I will do this.  The difference between 1 and 2 is too large.   It will even make me question whether I should even even attack a creature during my own turn, and spend 2 momentum for it.    But it is a fast fix, maybe it will work.