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Long post on AI, short answer:

AI is hard. Really, really hard. And Nowhere Prophet has a system in place I'm pretty happy with. It's not perfect and it needs some tweaks but there's not going to be a major AI rework - simply for lack of time. I'm not an AI expert and building a really really good system (see Eternal for example) is hard. So unless you find someone who's good at this exact problem and willing to put the time in to make a new AI (for free, cause there's not really much in the way of budget either) then I'm willing to look at it. 

But from where I currently stand my time - besides some much needed tweaks - is better invested in working on the content than redoing the AI system :)


Yes, I agree, on both points. AI is hard, and your time is most likely better spent on working on the content.

I can't imagine setting out to do a project and thinking "I'm aware of three ways to do AI. I'm going to use one that isn't as good as another, but is just as deployable."

AI is a huge, nebulous, confusing, omni-faceted space hydra can be as different a problem as the people trying to solve it.

My micro-studio, Applied Game Science Laboratories, is based partly on trying to address age old problems like AI and machine learning in new ways and applying concepts from other disciplines to them. My background is in molecular biology and medicine,  so the way I attack a problem like this is probably different than the way a classically trained programmer might. I don't know really, since I'm not a classically trained programmer.  

I could see it being possible to deploy some relatively small scale solutions to certain types of AI problems for a game like this using some of the principles I've been working on. It largely depends on what you've got under the hood and which tools you're already working with.

At the end of the day, it sounds like you're happy with the current performance of the AI overall, so I'll move my feedback on to more focused areas of content rather than broad issues.  

I'm happy to keep helping and I hope my long posts aren't a problem ;)

If you want we can chat about the topic sometime over on the Discord. 

And don't worry about the long posts - I'm always glad to get feedback.