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Thanks! A few questions for clarification:

After you've recruited new followers in a campsite the option remains visible to recruit more followers eventhough it's not truly possible anymore. Same goes for Teachers. Text there even show

We're talking about the button at the right side of the screen, correct? Are you saying the button should not be visible or are you saying that the button is visible and clickable, even though there's nothing to do?

Shouldn't you be able to attack Obstacles with Leader cards?

You should. You couldn't? I'll have to check if I somehow broke this but you should be able to use attack cards to target obstacles on either side of the field.

Seen several typos in my playthroughs, don't know if you want me to keep track of them or if you get to going through all the text at a later time anyway?

There will be an editing pass at the end once all the text is in there. Still if you spot any do throw them my way, I'll try and fix them. Mostly to not get them reported again and again and again :)


It's after you've pressed the button the first time. You get to the actual screen where you can click to give 10 Food to gain new followers. But after you've done that it feels like it should say either something like 'There're no more people for you to recruit', or just have you go back to the camp screen, because atm it shows the same text as you get with the first time you recruit but you can't click the button anymore.

Can't check it now since I'm at work but it wasn't possible for me to attack Obstacles other then with my Followers. Had to waste a few attack turns for some loot.

I'll start keeping track of the typos again. Only wrote down one so far but seen several more. One I wrote down yesterday:
3 momentum Settler card with Rage description: 'If unit kills it's target in combat, refresh rage unit.' 'It's' should be 'its'