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Obstacles don't protect characters from things...

But they do, enemy followers have to hit the obstacle first to get to your follower.  I have hidden a sniper behind an obstacle.  It was the Explorer (the one with the dev's face on it), one of the only two I have been able to recruit.  Unless they are using a leader skill card to target your follower.  Is that what you mean?  Leader skill cards can always target all things, whether cloaked, or hiding behind things.

and ranged characters other than snipers can't fire around them. 

There are no other "ranged" characters besides followers with "sniper". (only ones with flying, and those can also shoot over them)  So I don't know that you mean.

Melee characters on the other team can hit the character behind the obstacle just fine.

No they can't.   I don't understand.  I have never seen followers hit through obstacles unless they had flying or snipe.  If they can, you have to report it as a bug.   (the only thing you can attack through, is a follower with stealth, because those aren't blocking)

I don't mean to pick on you for this obstacle/cover thing, but I just can't figure out why you don't think it works, or what you mean by those statements.


I thin my deck out before leaving the starting camp, usually to 15 or 12 cards, holding back almost all the 5 cost and most of the 4 cost cards. I keep usually one 4 Momentum card and one Warrior Monk, a 5, but I focus my deck on 2s and 3s. Depending on draws, I usually keep it cheap and fast. For equipment and skills I look for Armor and low cost abilities, I avoid the machine gun and the beam laser and they usually don't pay off for me.

Oh, you like to play really low cost decks.  I love low cost decks too, but only later, once I gain some followers that let you do cool strategies.  For example, a deck that uses Zealots (love Zealots), and small followers:

Another low cost deck I love,  is one that is focused around Blue Devil Recruit (also one of my favorite cards in the game)

Since they can regenerate on your turn and on the opponent's turn, they are nearly invincible. and once you buff them, they destroy everything.