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I ran this recently for a group of mine and it was delight! It took a little bit of time for everyone to get used to the sort of 'open discussion' style, especially since one of my players was brand new to games, but once we got going it was incredible.  The different player actions  give plenty of flexibility about what they could do to the myth, and the different generational beats gave  a nice background without being restricting.

The story we ended up telling tracked a group of vaguely 12th century Basque peasants as the spring that fed their village dried up. Their holy creation myth turned into a life and death struggle between the Whale-God of Storms and the Eels who started as minions but turned into avenging angels. The peasants eventually started an Eel cult though so, maybe not the best developments overall.

Either way, the game was super fun and I'm really looking forward to running it again!

That sounds awesome, so glad you enjoyed it!