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The lack of food is making me a bad person.     (I know I talked about food before, but its funny what it is doing to my playstyle)

The first time I played this game, I got my Altruist level up into the 30s.

But now......  All I want is Fooooood.       I save poor villagers under attack from evil men with guns, and afterward?  I attack (pillage) the villagers!!!!   Whyy?  Because i Neeed FOood!   (also sometimes you get followers, Pillaging is the best)

I get a choice to attack some Rusters, or sneak past....  Attaaaack, what if they have food, I bet they could have food!!

I see a Mineral Springs in the distance (Hint: Has an opportunity to heal).   I don't want healing!  Healing costs food!   I want fooood!  

I run around like a ravenous animal.   I get super excited when a beast enemy drops 50 food.    Foooood.   


I mean, I guess it is sorta realistic.   When you are a Prophet, with many followers, trekking through the desert, sometimes (all the time) you have to steal food from poor people, to keep your crazy group alive.