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(2 edits) (+1) you would skip an entire map and  go beyond the current limit for the early access. You've thus seen content you weren't meant to see :D

Oh it skipped the Spaceport.  That explains how I was on the 3rd node here.

It was a happy accident and I liked being able to play more maps.  Maybe there was unfinished stuff, but it was definitely very playable.  I didn't run into any game breaking stuff.  I got to level more, and see more different kinds of cards and enemies.

I try to make my games last really long.   I do every single battle, and pillage every town.

Yeah, the next major update will extend the range by one map, if all goes well. I know things there are playable but I want to touch up a bunch of things - especially the milestone cities - before setting them loose on everyone.