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I'm having some trouble accessing the menu on my mac - any advice? the animations look great btw :)

now it works lol

Been long enough that I'm not sure you'll catch this, but any idea what the problem had been for you? I'm on Mac myself, and no matter what I press nor what I try and do to that little arrow on the left (assuming that's somehow involved), I never see any kind of menu. Basically stuck on the first animation.


It's got a teeny tiny hitbox - and it's just on the right side of the arrow - I had to play around for a bit but once you get it it'll open the menu with all the positions. The animations all have their own sound too :)

I'll look into this. It could have something to do with the resolution being too large in some cases. The GUI scales on it's own when the window size is changed so maybe something is off there. Thanks for the feedback :)

Ah! Thanks, klippi. Kind of baffles me that I didn't manage to hit that particular spot in my mad clicking, but sure enough, the hitbox was there.

And all the same, oxo, I'm happy to hear that you'll be looking into remedying that weirdness. Hoping that position menu was the only thing I was missing out on reaching.

I'm happy it's working for you now and you can enjoy all the current animations!

I've consistently had this issue. There's no keyboard shortcut for the menu, and my mouse won't go all the way to the left of the screen once the Unity logo dissapears and no matter what I do I can't click the menu button (or I can click it, but nothing happens).

Tried 720p, 800p, 1080p windowed/fullscreen - no luck. As a Unity guy myself, I don't think the fact I'm on Linux makes much of a difference.

I was able to get this to work months ago, but now I've re-downloaded it, I just can't.

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll be sure to look into what could be causing this. Also having a key to open the menu will be a good catch-all solution so thanks for that suggestion :)