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Hey there wonderful people of Neo-c Productions! Before I start my third bug report, BIG shoutout to Mike and Nathan currently putting so much time into clearing out issues and bugs recently. Seriously I adressed some issues here on the itch page and kept up with the build updates those past few days, and I'm almost 100% sure at 9 am (CET) today (11th October), the Build was 03-3, then went up to 03-4 this afternoon (around 2pm-ish CET) and went to 03-5 until I came back home from work. You guys are AMAZING!

So right off the bat, before I address issues I noticed on the 03-5 build, first some things I positively noticed in it. First, and I mean HOLY SHIT, you guys, like, immidiately worked in some sounds for blocking Ballug's Rollover! One HAS TO appreciate just how immidiately you react to requests and issues! You're my heroes!

Allright, second, I really like the work that has been done on the UI (especially the pause menu). Makes the experience much smoother. Also being able to use items in the overworld map is highly appreciated!

Well, time for the less pleasant part, pointing out the problems. Here goes:

#1 BUG: An issue I addressed in my last post, which is Flamey being able to trigger 'Vulcan Rocket' even if Alpha is down. Tried it again today, this time with Alpha being alive and Flamey being down. Problem doesn't seem to have been fixed yet. Of course, one step at a time! Just something that needs to be addressed! (This was posted at 10pm CET, reffering to the newest Update on the Kickstarter page, is it fixed?)

#2 SOUND: Sometimes the charging sound, when Ballug's Rollover iniatiates, sporadically doesn't trigger. Same for his selfbuff (forgot the name I just had it in my mind a second ago..). Have not yet clarified if this is a reproducable bug, will try coming weekend.

#3 GLITCH (?): Sometimes when you speak to the friendly mushroom NPCs the speech Icon (the red bubble with 3 dots) won't dissapear. When I entered a battle after speaking with the first NPC, having this issue, the bubble would still be visible up until the player characters were visible in the battlegrid. Should've made a video out of this, but will have to give it more tries to trigger this issue again. Hence why I titled this a glitch. Just an assumption, maybe sometimes the bubble's dissapearance doesn't trigger properly after NPC dialogue is finished? Or maybe the icon object clings on the screen?

Other than that, this Demo Build plays amazingly and the new skills work like a charm. Have yet to encounter any bugs from these.

Considering doing a little Test Run on the Demo like KaggyFilms to promote the game and spread the word. I'm a german Let's Player and admittetly my range and fanbase is very little compared to many others, I'll try my best doing it in english anyways! :)

Great work so far on the developing process and until next time! Cheers!