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This is a fantastic concept, but I didn't feel like there was any weight to the decisions. In games where you have to make a sadistic choice (Game of Thrones, Until Dawn, Life Is Strange and so forth) you need to feel invested in the characters whose life is at stake or else it's just a case of 'meh'. In this game you actually feel justified in killing people because you're doing it to save lives so when you choose wrong it just feels like 'oh well, it's for the greater good' since there's no connection with the characters.

I think for the final version you might want to have files that detail things about the subjects that will make you able to identify and sympathise with them The microphone stuff isn't enough (you don't even know for sure which person you're hearing speak). I did like the little touches like seeing them dance to the music. It would be good if the characters expressed some of their personality via their actions when you observe them but I understand that you're limited in your footage of them.

I hope this feedback is useful in some way!

Yeah ! good idea ! :)

Maybe you will see some more details on each subjects in the final version... who knows ? ;)