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I have beaten the game twice now, and have noticed several things that could have been done better. 1st, melee weapons visually swing at the same speed even if your skill is too low but wont hit as fast, which is annoying. 2nd, the tactical flamethrower is annoying due to its flames arcing downwards and not traveling straight then going up like the normal flamethrower, making it harder to use properly. 3rd, items priced less than one cap and those that sell for less than that shouldn't exist without actual half caps that show up in your menu, and they are not kept track after the purchase/sale. 4th, you can get softlocked in the bunker entrance if you dont have either a rune of return or a pulse bomb.  5th, companions. should've had more variety and not have them all be boring flying drones, maybe have had a pony or zebra as a companion.