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I like the idea and the art but it is quite unclear in the game what is your target. I know I need to collect items but it is not clear what should I collect or if I collect the right thing. I think it will super helpful if there is a list of the items I'm expected to collect.

Also a BGM will help it a lot to make the game feels better.

The wall jump does not function quite well, it works sometimes. The camera get glitched sometime - might because of a web build.

But I admire  your job to make a complicated level and the art is quite unique. With some improvement in gameplay this can be a great game!

The wall jump should have not existed I discovered it late in development and is tied to wrong coding of surface detection, I left it in there as it's not easy to find(I'm actually glad that you did :D). Thank you for your comment, I sould really try and explain objectives in my games is just that I haven't find a way to add text boxes to the games and I really like the shroud of mistery around objectives!

If you want to play it smoothely I reccomend the downloadable version, I got bottlenecked for having a way to big level for GMS 2 web version.

Thank you <3