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lol, this is hard. I like the dialogue btw. Some complaints about the movement though.. first on the web version, when you move using the arrow key, the whole page gets moved haha, which makes it hard to play. Second, this might be intended, but I think it might be easier if you don't have(or a shorter) speed up and slow down stage when you move. And third, the bounding box of each item is really unclear, this might be intended too, to let players find out themselves... But IMO it will be better if it is more clear haha.

I like the BGM but if there are some SFX when you hit different items it would add more flavor to the game. Like that you can die in all different ways BTW. 

Wow thanks for the great feedback man, i was testing browser play when you might have played the game. I replaced arrow keys with WASD so the page won't move. I'm still learning and improving object collisions so in next patch it might get better. Player's slippery movements are intended so the user take more time to move rather than usual. Thanks again..

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