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Hey Adam,

Thank you so much for giving this detailed explanation. I managed to find some time to make a game. There's really not much to it, but I love making soundtracks, so that might give the game some charm:

I really appreciate the help (my HTML knowledge is abysmal!). I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to submit to your game jam, but I will be sure to make another game in the future. I always love having an excuse to make another soundtrack! By the way, I'm definitely going to post again on this thread if I come up with any new interesting ways to use <audio> tags in a bitsy game.

All the best

Tom Casey

@Tom Ciccone Wow, your game really pushes Bitsy to it's limits and it's only your first game! I liked the music too.

Hey Thanks man! I've since released another game

Thanks for the follow too. Really appreciate the support!

Tom Ciccone