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Hey there!

I heard about your game through one of my tutors. Congratulations on the win!

As arcade action games go, it's all right. I've seen worse.

It does have a few problems that I struggle to overlook. The graphical style is unappealing, if cohesive. Weapons feel weak, movement is just a little too slippery and I feel that there just could be a lot more polish put into it.

Oh, and music. Music adds a lot to the whole experience. Simply putting on Andrew Hulshult's cover of 'At Dooms Gate' made it way more entertaining for me. There's a whole host of public domain and creative commons music out there. Just find a track you like, credit the artist and slap it in. You'll thank me later.

I also found it difficult to read dialog in the corner of the screen when my eye was focused squarely on the action. Dynasty Warriors has the exact same problem, but it's more to do with translation costs than a lack of voice acting.

Functionally it's fine, but I just feel it needs something to make me remember it by.

Yeah, it's missing a lot of polish and the audio is pretty bad (both the lack of music and the gun sound effect is somewhat jarring).

I would also have liked to either have proper levels, or procedurally generated arena. The entire "expanding arena" mechanic was simply because I didn't have time to implement multiple levels and it was the simplest solution I could think of.

To be honest I probably didn't spend enough time on the game. Over the 3 weeks available dev time I probably spent less than 50 hours on it (including design and prototypes). If I were a first year student I'd probably have twice as a long, but I was extremely busy with uni work. At the least it would've been some good experience with Unity even if I hadn't won.