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The battle system is based on Super Mario RPG, which is nice to see brought back in some form, but the prototype didn't show off any kind of surprising twist on this - which was what I was looking for specifically.

I always question the decision behind building 2D turn-based RPG projects in Unity rather than RPG Maker MV. Using Unity for this genre never feels like the optimal decision when a more tailored engine already exists. There will always be a lot more development to be done in Unity for features that already exist as default in RPG Maker MV, I don't think I'd ever be able to shake off that knowledge if my next project used Unity to make a 2D turn-based RPG.

I remember the TOME web-series, it was very good for an amateur project, not sure how it will translate to an actual game. The name "Terrain of Magical Expertise" still feels like a forced acronym from disjointed words; from the offset it had the branding of an amateur project with the name alone, it's going to be incredibly difficult to shake that off and build quality branding to sell this.

The project itself has a lot of very high hurdles that need to be overcome (comes with the genre), the prototype doesn't give an indication that it is capable of doing this (likely because it is a very early prototype and is very bare-bones, it would be unfair to expect a prototype to demonstrate everything). I'm worried that this prototype was revealed not because it would demonstrate the special selling point of the game, but because the development hit an implementation milestone, which worries me as I'm not seeing much here that can't be built in RPG Maker MV in less than a month in terms of systems implementation.

$75k is no-where near enough to develop a turn-based RPG; needs about 3x that at minimum (and that's a stingy minimum for a team of 5). I've seen projects with more experienced teams and larger budgets fail with this particular genre. It's an incredibly demanding genre for writing, systems design and artwork - especially if it's a 2D game where the amount of artwork needed will exponentially grow overtime. I'm guessing the Kickstarter is supplementing additional starting capital, rather than supporting the entire development.

I'd very much like to see a prototype 2.