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I played the demo four times in a row and I found three different glitches. While I playing for the first time, Skeight threw out his bladed yoyo and the animation/graphic of the yoyo was struck on Alpha, it didn't return to him throughout the whole battle. Later on the same fight Kirbopher got hit by an attack and went down normally; however, I could still attack with him on the same turn despite having  no health and he was in his death animation. These glitches never happened again. The fourth time I played the demo, something odd happened. After a party member recovers for the paralysis status, immediately a text pop up saying something like "Flamegirl can't move she's paralysis" despite the fact that they no longer have the paralysis symbol next to their name and the message prior said that the were cured. This happened two or three times? Overall this was a very fun demo. I'm looking forward to the finished product. Best of luck!