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Next sale starts tomorrow! And thank you very much, I was overwhelmed with the support for the Wheelchair sale. I've got my wheels now and used some of the extra money to fit new grab rails and other household improvements to help with my day to day mobility needs. Huge thanks to you and everyone who picked up the bundle.

Well, I'm glad to know tomorrow I can finally invest in my game!

Is there a way to get the Horror City Tile Pack and the Slasher Park by themselves if you already own the previous ones? 

Maybe setting a individual discount instead of a bundle, like the debut sale. A lesser discount (30%~40%) would be good anyway, because with the full bundle you end saving only a couple of bucks.

Look, I get what you're saying, but even if you bought the previous bundle, the extra assets are $45 normally, and the whole bundle is $33 which represents 27% discount for those assets alone, which is imho close enough to the 30% you're asking for :)

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Hey there! The bundle is created automatically because all products are on sale, but each product is available individually at 50% off too :) Just go to the product pages and check underneath the the bundle - there should be a "Buy Now" button with the Sale price next to it.

For example, the Slasher Forest Tile Pack is down from $24.99 to $12.49 in the sale! Hope that clears things up :D

Oh, I didn't know you could buy the assets individually... but now I see that it's clearly stated in the bundle page :P

Yeah, sorry! It's a bit of a pain but Itch automatically makes a bundle if more than one pack is included in the same Sale and there's no way to switch it off >_<

No worries, it's totally worth it! And to be honest I would certainly pay a bit more than the minimum price for those assets if I'd bought them separately anyway :)

Hey VexedEnigma, I've sent you an email, don't know if it ended up in spams but I'd appreciate if you could take a look. Please don't mind the sheer amount of text, just a yay/nay there is 100% fine. Thank you :)

Hey, sorry for the delayed response! Fighting a nasty virus at the moment. Just seen your email and yup that's absolutely fine - just no redistribution of the assets as-is please. I'm sure you know already but using them in the game is fine but posting those files like on a forum or blog or twitter or whatever is not :D Happy Game Dev~

Thank you very much! You're awesome! Sorry to hear that, I hope you get well soon. Thanks again, I love your art :)

You are totally right: sorry about the botter.

If you go to the asset page the full price (in dollar$) shows next ot the "Buy it" button (at least in the spanish version, it may be a fumbling with translations strings on But when you click on it and the preview page with the price, the VAT taxes to add, and the total appears (still in dollar$), it does show the discounted price. Of course then Paypal shows finally the price (in €uros).

Still, showing three different prices in two different currencies and the lack of a shopping cart to buy several things at the same time only proves one thing: the shopping engine sucks! -_-U Sorry abouth the mini-rant, but things like that confusing the waters only make small creators like you trouble and lost sales.

Anyway, I wish you good luck with your health issues. While I am *mostly* well, there had been plenty of people with those in my circle of family and friends, so I hope things get better for you. Regaining some health stability and physical autonomy can do a world of good for anyone's mood, so cheers!

Amazing, just bought it! I don't care about the other assets I already have, your art is worth a thousand times whatever I've paid for them! :) Thank you!