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I will try uploading the 32bit as well! Thanks for your message!

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Thank you for the update ^^

Edit : it still has some bugs.. I even can't click the Play button without it keeps disappearing :'(

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Sorry to hear that! I will see if anything can be done or try re-uploading the zip file. Thanks for your feedback and patience!

Edit: Uploaded second version!

Okay, I know it has been a year and here I come again to clarify that it was the fault of my previous laptop specification that made the novel couldn't be loaded properly, so... I deeply apologize for my earlier inconvenient.

My impression after rereading and replaying it : Sometimes the partial voice effect is kind of distracting and I notice a huge difference between in-story graphic and the art style in the CG gallery which is a bit disorienting. However, I like how the story is written to the alternation between Alice's and Peter's original world and also the choices of revenge or forgiveness, and that's enough encouragement for me to try your other works soon ^^

Thanks for the review! As my first game it is pretty full of mistakes lol Especially the voice acting parts (not due to the lovely work of the actors/actresses).  I am glad you enjoyed it and hope you will enjoy my future games. <3