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Congrats on launching the kick starter. It looks like it's already
reached more than half its funding by the time I post this. I'll try to
donate as well.

I played the demo, its a good work in progress. I had quiet a bit of
fun. The new art designs for our heroes are really nice. I wish to bring
up some issues that I noticed. Obviously things will be fixed, but
these may be issues your team may or may not be aware of.

First one is resolution. The demo does support my settings, which is
nice. However I have a 2K monitor, and I notice all the character
sprites were a bit pixelated or low res. I get the feeling they looks
fine on 1080p monitors. I recommend for the character assets, you may
need to have them at 8k resolution. 8K to not only future proof it (good
chance by 2020 8k monitors will be common), but many today do have 4k
monitors as well. The backgrounds from the demo did not have this issue.
Sadly higher res assets do cause the game files to increase, but you
may want to look into a way to up the res while keeping game file low.

Second was cut off. Not sure if this was also my resolution issue, but
when in the party, Kirbopher's battle option commands are cut off.
Luckily you know what they say because everyone has the same four
options, but it looks bizarre. You may have to shrink the battle screen,
the battle option screens, or move the battle option screens to a
different location.

Controls were good, but felt lose. Movement on the overworld feels like
I'm gliding on ice in terms of speed. Luckily you do stop on a dime and
don't slide. Combos were explained via the kickstarter page, but I do
feel the in game demo, and the overall game should have a tutorial
showing how the combos work. At times, I felt like I got it perfectly,
and then I did it again and nothing happened. It felt inconsistent. Same
with block bottom (hitting A on my controller). Nothing before hand
explains that it can act as a stun move. That said, I wish this move was
a counter system instead when the baddies attack. There kind of is with
some of the weaker bad guys (I stunned the bugs when they attacked),
but you guys may want to look into a system similar to Mario & Luigi
RPG. A fun reward system for players who are paying attention vs being

Overall, glad to see what I am seeing. I hope this feedback helps.