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I also need help getting the file to work XD

First of all, Thank you very much for your comment! That might just push me that extra tiny bit :), but now back to the important stuff. Can you tell me what doesn't work, or what error you get, then I'll be shure to help you and release a new version ASAP.

The error is:
"C:\The Optional Kind\downloads\CrossyRift\Engine\CrossyRift\Binaries\Win64\CrossyRift.exe"
CreateProcess() returned 2.

This is an error some people seem to recieve while starting Unreal Engine games. It has something to do with running commands for the wrong version of a pc (x86 or x64). I'll build new versions, this time for both systems. Try running both and see what happens. I'll keep you up to date.

Never mind I found the problem. I was using the wrong .exe file. I was using the .exe file in the /engine/CrossyRift.exe. Not /engine/binaries/Win64/CrossyRift.exe. It was all my bad. Ill post the instructions to open it correctly so no one gets the same errors.

Oh, Yeah that happens, the executables aren't inthe right place yet. Thanks for replying!

No problem. I'm a youtuber if you have anything you'd like me to check out. Hit me up. I'm just starting out. But I think my content is pretty great for what I have in terms of specs.