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I randomly ran across this game while surfing through the newest uploads and decided to give it a try. Here are my thoughts after playing through and finishing it, as someone who doesn't often play RPG Maker games:

  • The stat and skill progression felt extremely well-balanced to me. By fighting every monster I encountered, I always felt like I was just strong enough to handle the upcoming monsters. The new skills are introduced at times where they are useful (Piercing Lunge for high-defense scorpions, Shadow Walk when strong, charged physical attacks start becoming more common, etc.). I feel like this is something a lot of other RPG Maker games I've played tend to bungle or not execute as well, so it was really refreshing to play through a game that handles level progression nicely.
  • The visible enemy encounters on the field are so much better than the default random encounters. The fact that the enemies don't respawn allows the game to have a clear expectation of the player's level progression throughout.
  • The mapping is nicely done, with the floating island plains being my favorite maps in the game. The point in the forest where you walk off the east into a new room feels a little awkward because the whole aesthetic of the forest suddenly changes, but it still feels alright.
  • I mostly enjoyed the flow of the story; the fact that the game is short and simple fits well with only really having one mute party member for most of the game. This game works well as an introduction of sorts for future stories in this series, as well. One thing I do have to admit is that it feels a little awkward how none of the townspeople or guards seem to be interested in Gondroch being all suspicious just a short walk away from the town, but I don't really see how they could get involved and still have this game have its main focus be on Isacaiah and her journey, regardless.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with this game, and I'm certainly interested to see what you do in the future with these characters. Well done on completing this game!