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Wow, that's awesome to hear! Glad my post was good for something! Generally I considered bosses with multiple enemies harder than single bosses unless they were very fast (Horror, the boss giving one of the Golden Keys in the last dungeon, was really tough for a single-target boss and gave me way more trouble than Nash or Baramon, though of course he also went down faster). The trolls and Azatel were so hard because one of them had a powerful hit-all magic and the minions can then often kill characters before Doren has a chance to heal. Both the vampire minions and the trolls have powerful single-target skills, so that and a hit-all magic usually managed to kill my characters. On top of that, my single-target strategy (bleed, expose, silence, mark) doesn't work well on multiple targets. I only finally beat the trolls when I got lucky with Seri's hit-all magic since they can be stunned. The Star Witch was so easy because not only did she use single-target spells most of the time, she also is so slow that Doren can comfortably heal off a multitarget spell, too. The vampire bounty with her spiders has a better chance to kill at least one character because again, multi-target-boss and if they all end up attacking the same character it can be problematic (especially if it's Doren and he goes down and I have to revive him and then spend another turn when I get attacked until he can heal again). It's also the reason why Zi'am was harder than Maranda since he had those orbs first. But really, Maranda was just a pushover since she never even used anything that hit super-hard against me. I think I had her in her "easy" first form for much longer than in her second form. =/

Then again, it might have been luck or my stat distribution.

Being able to silence Baramon was still funny, though. He's the last boss and so many other bosses resisted Silence!

I think one of the bosses who had really big potential was the Sky Guardian (was that the name? The last boss in Holy Land). Granted, the boss chickens had already been so much of an annoyance that I was happy the thing died quickly, but its gimmick was that poison effect thing which couldn't be removed. But thanks to bleed, the boss died like one round after applying the poison for the first time. It was actually a bit sad I never got to experience the gimmick more but then again, it also wasn't an easy battle so I was happy it was over.

I also found the mimic enemy in the orchard quest impossible with only Lita and Adrian (full stun immediately and permanently until they died thanks to the earth spell of that thing getting repeated over and over). Seri cleared it quickly later, though, and I dunno what level it was intended to be for.

The smugglers were also really tough! I had trouble even with a full party (I took them on after getting a full party for the first time, even though I had already looted their chests while the stone curse was there). So yeah, the bounties and extra quests were all over the place. The Spirit (Seremai side quest) was another of those easy bosses; I was three levels under recommendation and wrecked that thing.

Thumbs up for being able to actually get the autograph from the smuggler bounty boss, though! I kept it in my inventory all the time until the item loss bug took it from me because I found that hilarious! :D

Oh yeah, another thing I forgot to comment on: I was a tiny bit disappointed that Orlian didn't offer even half the sidequests Aloria did because I had really looked forward to more of them. I enjoyed the quests in Aloria a lot - the letter, the apple catching (my favourite quest!), the harvest collection, the errands to the bazaar... all of that was so different and unique and Orlian only had the whole "clear out the spirits by fighting" and "visit the shrine in the Holy Lands" thing. Unless I forgot some. Actually, because of me losing items, I don't think I ever used my cake and possibly bread I bought at the bazaar! Why did I even buy them? Did I miss quests? ...I probably missed them.

Another thing I really liked, by the way, were the little extra conversations Seri and Lita had during Blood Forest and the ruins. For example when Lita climbed into that blood pit to get the Life Potion III. Those were great fun! =D