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Thanks so much! I gotta ask though: Was it really needed that my characters all got set back to level 1 and got their starting equipment put back on? Lita now is equipped with "Artifact of Power+1" and has "Artifact of Power+6" in the inventory and I have no way of switching it back since it's bound. Also of course at level 1 everything in the last dungeon one-shots me. If I really need to level up to around 30 again I guess I'll have to do it, but yeah, not my favourite activity.

Dropbox sadly doesn't work well for me, I'm currently stuck on 64kbit/sec internet and have no access to DSL in the region where I live, so Dropbox - which I once used - is not very ideal for me right now.

Stuff I can say for the flying error even though it's probably unrelated: I play in windowed mode. When the previous game session has been closed via the x in the corner (so not with a crash), I can be 90% sure the first grass circle in the next gaming session WILL crash my game.

Hm, running a story mode run and skipping all cutscenes SHOULD make another run to the last dungeon doable in an okay amount of time, but given how much I played in the last three days (showing by how I basically am at the end of the game), I don't really feel like doing it just for the elf. :P Though I do have to admit I'm intrigued if it would happen to me again, haha.