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Have only played the game for a little bit but have been enjoying what I've played so far and plan on finishing the rest later.

  • At first I felt like the ui was really confusing, but then it all made sense when I finally understood the ram system.
  • The ram system is really cool. I liked having to weigh all the different options available and trying to find a balance between greed and safety.
  • The shop is pretty overwhelming at first, especially with the multiple currencies. Maybe upgrades for tools that haven't been locked yet could be hidden? It seems a bit weird to be able to upgrade your jet that you can't use yet, especially when more useful upgrades like weapons are underneath it.
  • I really liked the overall map design and how much freedom there is in terms of opening up paths and exploring.
  • Dialog was short but I liked it and the chat box effects were nice.

Minor gripes and issues

  • When I first open the game, my mouse is locked in the middle of the screen and cannot be used. This issue goes away after closing and reopening the main menu.
  • On the very first chair that must be climbed to reach the dining table, I climbed down and ended up slipping through the chair and landing on the ground
  • When using 'e' to climb up smaller blocks, I would occasionally vault past them and end up falling on the other side instead of landing on top. This would usually happen when I pressed 'e' when facing the corner of the block instead of the center.
  • I kept forgetting to equip chips that I had bought. Maybe add a "new chip" notification over the ram tab or an option to equip something right after buying? (or maybe I'm just an idiot idk)
  • the robots are cute and I feel bad for killing them.
  • I'd really like the option to reconfigure the controls

This seems like a really promising game. I'm looking forwards to the content you have planned, particularly new characters/quests. 


Hey, thanks for playing! I appreciate the feedback and I'll see what I can work into the next few updates. Some of your points I wanted to address and spitball on what I could do about them:

  • Shop Overwhelming: I was going to tie this to story progression at some point, and have some sort of system where the shop had daily items slowly get added to its inventory but I felt like this interfered with free-roam aspects that you enjoyed.
  • Cursor Locked: I did this intentionally to force people to press Tab at least once and potentially acknowledge that they know how to open or close the menu screen once without forgetting how to re-open it. It isn't pleasant but it did prevent having to include a section and potentially complicated code in the Interactive Tutorial. I'm open to new ideas on how to handle this, but I'm defensive about stuff like this after watching too many playtesters waste an hour by just not reading anything or not knowing how to open a menu.
  • Climb Volumes: Yeah, a lot of climbable volumes are slightly misaligned or too large but I've been ignoring anything that doesn't softlock or break things for the players so far.
  • Controls: Getting ReWired into the game is something I'd like to do but it may take some time. Mainly because ReWired stopped acknowledging my own controller that I use (which is a fairly standard xbox controller) so if that isn't working I probably couldn't expect anything else to.
  • Cute Robots: I will add more violent and less pleasant robots in the future when I get a chance to rework their AI.
  • Chip Equipment: I do have logic for equipping stuff if you have spare RAM for it, but I figured it'd be intrusive to auto-equip stuff all the time in the event someone was collecting a chip for completion's sake but not wanting to have it on. People forgetting to equip stuff is a common problem I have observed and I do like the idea of a notification badge / new indicator for tabs / chips. I'll see if I can work it into the design or come up with something.
  • Climb VaultingI was wondering when someone would say something about this, because I know it's a problem but it hasn't bothered a lot of people. Since moving the player for that is physically simulated, I'd have to do a bit more to get them in the right spot. I could cancel the player's velocity at the end of a climb or switch to a more rigid lerp but I'm worried it'd interfere with the fluidity of most of the motions. There are some parts of the game where I use invisible barriers to mitigate this but I can't design around this completely.