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I need some help... I want to Install the game but when I click on "Install" it starts to "download" but then nothing happens, it doesnt let me download the game :c

O.o All you need is download it here, extract it then run the application . No installation needed  

Caro.o is probably referring to installation not completing via the itch desktop app, which I can confirm doesn't seem to work for your game: The zip file appears to download correctly, but it seems that when it comes time to properly extract the game, the app stops when it extracts the contents to a "" folder into its downloads folder, creates a Wake Me Up folder and then... gives up, I guess? Usually it would've properly created a .itch hidden folder but it seems like the Desktop app fails doing this.

Funny thing is that the itch desktop app doesn't really have a way to automatically send failed installation attempts of this nature into its github's issues pile the way it can for games that present problems post-installation, since its built in "report bug/issue" button is only enabled for games it successfully recognizes as part of its installed library. But I'm presuming the issue lies more with the itch app than it does with you, jpe.

I've manually opened an issue at their github so that the people who prefer using the desktop app exclusively get a shot at playing your game. You can peek at it here.