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More bugs:

- I seem to be unable to do anything with the "Vermin" quest in the Hunting Grounds where I am supposed to kill ten groups of enemies. The normal enemies running around aren't the needed type of enemy anymore; they upgraded when I got a full party. Once a group of weak, needed enemies jumped at me out of a bush in a small cutscene and I thought I was supposed to find ten of these encounters now, but when I checked in the item menu again, the quest still said I had killed 0 groups and I couldn't find another encounter like that one, either. Is the quest undoable?

- Very, very often when I want to turn Lita into a spirit at the grass circles, the game crashes with an error message (something about exceeding something at -1). I've lost a ton of progress because of that before, which is sad.

EDIT: The complete error message is "List index has exeeded its valid range (-1)".

- I keep seeing a sprite of a small girl with green hair who seems to be a placeholder or something? The first time I saw her in the Blood Forest Ruins in the screen where you get the melody for your flute. She appeared in the doorway at the very far right after I've gone through the door and then immediately back out. She stood in the doorway and didn't move and I couldn't talk to her. She stayed even after walking in and out of the door (therefore changing screens) a few times. The second time I saw her when I uncursed the statue in the Grand Bazaar. The soldier walked towards the exit, I tried to catch him to talk to him again and above the entrance he suddenly turned into the green-haired girl. Again I couldn't talk to her and just walk through her.

- No clue what was up with that, but the game softlocked on me after defeating Nash and returning to un-cursed Aloria. After visiting her father and walking downstairs, Lita called everyone to talk to them and after that first dialogue box I got nothing more. The new music started and all, but I just didn't get the next textbox. Redoing the whole thing went fine, though.