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Hey there! Thanks for sending the email about your game!

I made a gameplay video about this, but what makes my gameplay different than the others? I provided some STGOs or something to grow on for your next release.

I really hope you take constructive criticism that I gave into consideration. (Found in the end of the video, but I think you should watch my gameplay first!)

Why did I give constructive criticism?

I respect all your work, and all the things developers do. This is simply things you can bring into the future. I wouldn't be doing this if something was missing.

It was a beautiful game. You should fix the framerate issues, and the stale gameplay. Most of the gameplay was redundant. You could say the story is cliche. Branch out a little. More notes are in the end of my video!

*This is not a way to hate on the game nor the developer. This is simply something to give insight and to improve any upcoming releases :D

Thank you for video. Your review is honest and fair.