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Hello, I just signed up here just to purchase and download this game. :) Unfortunately I'm encountering control problems and it's not the kind listed in the ReadMe.

Basically the game starts perfectly fine, but then I'm stuck in the main menu when I want to select to start a new game. The arrow keys don't work at all, the only key which actually does something is, for some reason, the 'alt' key which lets me select the different options, acting like an 'up' key, but there's no way to confirm anything. Besides the 'alt' key, only the keys for resizing the window work (and they do as intended, meaning no strange key remapping there), as is F12. But none of the keys listed in the manual do anything and when I pressed every other letter and number to see if some odd remapping was going on, I found no other key doing anything, either. The game otherwise seems to run normally, music and everything is there.

Thing I checked:

- Followed the troubleshooting problems in the ReadMe despite my problem being a bit different. I restarted my computer = no change. I unplugged every USB device and restarted again (I have no controller of any kind, but a mouse since I'm using a laptop) = no change. I then also disabled my WLAN and restarted again. Again, no luck.

- I changed my language setting of the keyboard back to German (I'm from Germany and had changed it to English because of the y/z switch of the keyboard). Nothing.

- I tested all my other RPG maker games to see if they have the same issues, which would clearly indicate a hardware problem on my end. But they all work fine. I'm not sure with which RPG maker version they were made, though; I think this is the first RPG Maker 2003 game I own.

Things which might be important: My laptop uses Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, my graphic card (is it called that in English? I'm sorry, since I'm not a native speaker I really struggle sometimes) is called ATI Mobility Radeon HD 565v. The game is unzipped into a folder on my desktop, but moving it to a different location didn't help. I also tried deleting and unzipping it again, but that also didn't change a thing.

I also noticed that, compared to the Let's Play I watched, the screens in the beginning of the game (the two logos which appear before the main menu appears) disappear for me at a much faster rate, I see each only for a split second.

Any help would be really appreciated! I decided to buy this game after seeing the beginning of a Let's Play on Youtube and it looked so amazing that I decided to buy and experience it myself instead of just watching a Let's Play. So I really hope this problem can be resolved!


This does seem to be what the problem that the "stuck key" glitch causes where buttons such as alt still work but the arrow keys refuse to work. It's extremely frustrating and sadly something we can't fix but normally just restarting your PC will allow you get back to playing.

I made a really simple test for you to check the game which you can download here! If you're not getting the same results, if it's working check to see if it's fixed in Ara Fell and if not please inform me and I'll look into what's messing with your computer!

We are currently working with EasyRPG to help develop their RPG_RT interpreter so hopefully if this continues to not work for you in the future you'll be able to play with the new runtime application.

We apologize!!!


Thank you so much for trying to help me! I downloaded the file you sent me, unzipped it and started it, but it just tells me "RPG Maker 2003 not found" in an error message and shuts down.

However, I tried some other things: After confirming that my other RPG maker games were not made with RPG Maker 2003 but other versions, I downloaded a free RPG Maker 2003 game and that game indeed suffers from the same/similiar problems as Ara Fell (besides the Alt key, in that game the z key works as if it's the menu key, but that's all - no arrow keys or anything). Meaning it's a problem on my end and I started checking what it could be.

What I found: When I restart my computer with my mouse and my Internet device (some mobile internet webstick) unplugged and then start the game, it works! :D But as soon as I plug any of the two devices back in, it stops working immediately. Even if I have it open. Having Ara Fell open and plugging the USB-device(s) in also causes my laptop to go into CPU-eating frenzy for a few seconds while normally it doesn't care at all when I plug my mouse or webstick in. When I unplug the USB-device(s) again, the game still remains unresponsive. Meaning that I can play the game - which I am extremely happy about - but I cannot use my internet or my mouse or I will have to reboot to play again. Which is very inconvenient since I'm 100% a person who likes walkthroughs to get every single thing in video games and I also am bad with a touchpad, so both internet and a mouse would be helpful.

Right now I'm happy that the game works and I hope it will continue to do so and that I won't run into the "sticky key" issue on top of the hassle I already have. Thank you very much that you guys look into fixing these issues for good! I would love to not have to reboot my computer every time I want to play. ;) But right now I can work with this and I have a lot of fun exploring Aloria at the moment. :D