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Hi, I wrote to Jelle Bakker, the biggest youtuber on sand marble races, his channel is

I wrote him this: 


I'm a fan of marble races and your channel really makes great videos.

I'm very happy to follow and watch your contents, can you please mention a great marble game in one of your videos?
The game is in early development but with a lot of future projects Marble Racing by Ugly Pixels

The game is not mine, credits go to developper, I'm just trying to help him, I think his project has good potential!

Thank you very much and congrats for 200k on YT!
Mirco from Italy


And he replied this:

Dear Mirco,

I love the idea, but i cannot access the game because it requires adobe flash which cannot be installed on my computer. Please try to contact the developer to create a version which doesn’t require flash.

Greets, jelle



I don't know why but I don't get email notifications about comments. Thanks for the interest. I have already got some feedback from Jelle on reddit. He likes the idea and said that would post some videos on his channel once the game is finished.

I have recently got back to developing the marble game. Would you like to be informed about any beta programs on Android?


Hey, don't worry for late reply, I'm happy to hear that Jelle is going to try your game, you deserve it!

Also yes, I really would like to be informed about any beta on Android =)

Thank you very much.