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Sad News: Absolutely no progress has been made since my last post, because not only did renpy mess up for me (which I fixed eventually at least) but my tablet is now broken.

I'm really confused here with my tablet because I am a lefty with a wacom intuos 4, and one of the ports was broken right? Well, it WAS right, until I plug it in today and the ports.... switched? the one that is broken is now the left handed one? I am thoroughly confused on how this happened, but fine whatever I'll use the tablet upside down until I find a way to fix this........ or not because NOW pen pressure won't work either :(

I doubt I'd be able to afford any repairs or anything let alone get a new one, so I'm going to see what I can do to fix the port (Its like, unaligned?  the one side is just pushed back where it cant be reached by the plugin on the cord... a friend of mine its pretty good with taking apart computers etc so he's going to look at it and see what we can do and hopefully not destroy it anymore than I already have)...

Overall worst case scenario if I can't figure this out and run out of time I'll still make the game it'll just not make it in time for the jam I guess :/ I'm just a broke kiddo trying my best