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Art style is beautiful, music is awesome, character, level and enemy designs are cool, and weapons are fun. But the game doesn't really feel fair, it's fun in sections where you cant fall off anything and the attacks feel avoidable but extended fall-to-death sections where you have to replay the full level to get back and enemy attacks that fill the play area with little to no warning makes the game frustrating. Giving better restart points and or doing away with the lives system as well as adding better indicators to certain attacks (first boss, machine gun spray) would go a long way from making this an okay game to an amazing game. Overall it is a start to an fantastic action platformer! Video tomorrow.

Noted! thanks for the input, being able to react is important, maybe more sound/visual cues should be added.

I noticed in my video editing that there was a siren that went off before she fired, I think it was hard to hear over the music in the moment

Yeah, I actually put it there so it didn't catch you by surprise, also first shots hit the ground, but it's probably too fast and the alarm is too low, so maybe better visual cues.