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I absolutely love the concept of this game. But, I feel as if it's a mile wide and an inch deep. Let me explain. Your world is massive, which is a good thing if there is things to do everywhere, but in my (short) amount of time playing this game, I found very few npc's that are willing to talk to me. I do enjoy the idea of exploring and finding people to talk to, I just wish it was a bit more dense. The only other thing is the camera. It clips into objects and can kinda be a pain. I also wish I could control the camera to look around to try and find the npc's. If you do these things, and of course add a bit more polish, I could see this game as a legitimate educational tool that is very fun. Best of luck to your development! Cheers!

Hi, thanks for the feedback! I agree with you 100%. These are issues that I've tackled and should be much improved when I release the next update of the game ( 1-2 months from now).