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hi, have a way to make it to run windowed ?

i have two screen.. it run on both, half screen on each, scaled on largest one...

no response on keyboad or mouse when try to click buttons, isn't playable.

alt-tab, ctrl-q or alt-f4 blocked by game ? so cannot leave by another way killing process...

tried on linux x86_64 (debian)

Hello there! If you go in Options either in home menu or in-game pause menu, you will see you can untick "fullscreen" and switch resolutions.

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thanks for the answer, but cannot reach Options menu..

mouse click or keyboard doesn't respond, and this is what i see :

since no controller response, my computer is blocked on that screen until i kill scram's process

That is indeed very strange. Are you able to press any buttons?

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i wasn't with the full both screen, but i won to run it windowed or "mono full screen", and game works :)

under .configs/unity3d/spleen/scram, i found prefs file where default screen was "-1", and resolution height was mylargest screen height, resolution width was (screen1 width + screen2 width)..
i put 0 on fullscreen mode, 1 for default screen, and correct the screen width, all graphics are ok :)

but.. i have no sound :(

i looked unders options but volume is already on max.

anyway, graphs looking fun