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What's the general time line you're working under to complete this?  It looks like the download hasn't seen action since I tried it for the first time some time last winter.  Not saying "go quicker" either (not discouraging it but that's not the point).  You do you.  Just wondering what time line you're imagining for yourself.

Hey, the game has seen two updates since last winter and version 4 was released in May. It’s hard to say when it will be done, content wise I pretty much have about 80% of what I need, but the game hasn’t even seen a polish pass yet or anything like that. It will also need a beta test of sorts once it’s playable from start to finish. I’m working towards the beta version and I’m close, so I’ll have a better idea then.

where can we send pizza and red bull?

lol just lots of tea please.

if you set up a P.O. I'll send you tea.

My mistake then!  I hadn't noticed the new content, or maybe my memory of when I first played this is off.  Then again, winter is half the year here.  Either way, I was curious because it's a great game and I am eager to see where it goes.  You've done an awesome job.

I think I remember you from the ULMF thread so you may have played the latest version, guess it's just been a while. Sorry it's taking so long, and thank you.