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hmm... Sorry but didn't like it very much. I wanted to, but I didn't.

You wrote great lines to get me intrigued-  I was expecting a hilarious parody of the VN genre, all the "sincere, ironic, and sarcastic" lines you mentioned. Instead it had weird dark-humor/dry lines that didn't make sense and felt like they were trying to be really insightful but came off as weird and boring. Also there were too many references to terms that were either made up or too obscure for anyone to know.  The dialogue was  broken up into sections that were too long.

 I kinda felt cheated by what I got. You should change the description of the game so that it accurately reflects the content.

However, I love your art. It's honestly perfect. Your character design is great too, and I love the format of their conversation, the two close ups with changing expressions.

I really wish you could channel your beautiful art and character design into a VN with better, less strange dialogue.