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Been having some personal issues and missed a bunch of time. Also made  some things I ended up removing so with 6ish days left I don't know how well this going to go... Still feels a bit rudderless as far as the actual goal of the game goes. 

I had wanted to do a sort of physics based adventure thing where you help characters and spread happiness. I don't know though.. it doesn't seem to be clicking. I think I might try something a little more straight forward. 

I have this mechanic where a objects can be infected with sadness which changes color pallette and maybe warps the model(not pictured). 


I was thinking I could use that idea for a more simple goal like:

 Dog must eat all the things spreading sadness. 

or flipped

Dog must eat all things happy and leave the world a dark husk. 

In either case dog is an interloper, driven by the players competitiveness to consumes it all .

This way itd be more straightforward and probably funner, I could still include some of the stuff I wanted but tangentially too. 

btw the gifs sped up.

First thing is a rocket you can pick up and use, second is a weird flower power up. Both can launch you into space and serve no purpose whatsoever.  

Dog's epic bounce at the end there was because of a glitch but it was beautiful so I left it in. 

Also I got the world map working which I kinda like, though it needs a little ui dot in the middle or something.

Anyway ramble over,  typing this out its become a bit clearer.  I gotta pull it together and get something done.