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But I am a bit confused, are you saying its tough to run? Because I ran it fine on an old i5 3rd gen with intel 4000 hd graphics soooo eh. But I'll still make a playthrough

no voices tho!

My device is just quite narrow in space, also getting lags if e.g. opening twitch on low-quality videos, same as either 3 youtube-tabs, or trying to start one game here (available as webversion) with a cleared browser-cache.

So I'd generally like to play webgames on itch, no matter if it includes voice/sounds or just text or additional graphics. Especially if it's about reaction and timing, lags could be quite lol when trying to solve quests or progressing in-game, apart of the fact if the game saves its progress / being able to load the player's status?


AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ok, it has only 1 time it needs to load but I'll make a YouTube vid and a web version but I seem to have lost the original files so only a YouTube vid is possible

I guess (except the video), referring to the game, you could maybe download its uploaded file to re-edit its codes here on itch? In case its apps still work e.g. if they're affected by flash-player, etc.?