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I would like to send it to you, but I cannot, because Workbench 3.1 is used. I should do a tutorial on how to install everything and explain what files are needed, but not yet. Using the Workbench is preventing me from sending it to you, I don’t want to have a problem. I should do a tutorial and explain where to find the files. On my Mega Cloud link there are emulators that come from the EmuFrance site and tutorials that come from YouTube. I would really like to send you this rp9 file but I cannot. We have to be careful and stay within the law to avoid having problems. I don’t want a developer to have problems because of me. Otherwise there is Amiga Inside 5.3 (Amiga Museum) but the site is Blocked by Malwarebytes antivirus and the pack contains games. I don’t know if the games contained in this pack are abandonware or not and therefore you have to be careful. Amiga Inside Works with the WinUAE emulator and everything is already configured to be able to use the emulator very easily. If Malwarebytes is blocking the site you should beware or ask Malwarebytes to check why it is blocked. I would like to help you because I am passionate about emulators and Amiga computers.

Thank you very much