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Sorry, 0x72, don't know whether you have seen this or not. Is this possible: ?

I see... huh, it's something entirely different to write a small app over a weekend or two (or five); then to get involved into an established project.

I don't see GBStudio to support plugins, so it looks like it'd be some hustle.

What I could do though with little effort is to recolor and reorder the frames in the export do they can be imported into GBStudio without any modification needed (possibly under a separate "export for GBStudio" button). Would that work for you?

well, i think only thing that is needed - is your permission to embed your code. i think we manage to put it all together, if you don't mind to contribute something "as is". gb studio ide supports plugins, but we are rewriting it's engine right now, so, formats are in change. 

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Oh, I see. I didn't realise you're a GBStudio dev.

Yeah, sure. Do whatever you like. I don't think that the code is particularly interesting here. It's less than 300 lines (probably about 100 could be shaved off with some simple refactor), one js file, no dependencies, the version on itch is not minified so you can grab it as it.

If anything is unclear feel free to ask.

thank you